Monday, October 15, 2012

*AR* - Princess Gothic

Allo everyone ^_^ this week is turn of the lil vampies, gothic, darkies lil girls, or just for those who wants a perfect ambiance for Halloween, beautiful and elegant room in black and red, perfect fit for any size kid and fully interactive for parents and friends.

131 prims (with all shown rezzed, remember you can make it higher or lower depending what you rezz)
Interactive animated: Bed, sofa, rug.
Single animated: Vanity, voodoo doll and black kitty
Chandelier & candle with on/off option by touch

Wallpaper and carpet texture included so you can make your room looks exactly like the one at the store ^_^ (Includes also the old version).

Don't forget * AR - Cozy's * members obtain 50% discount while the room is at the showcases inside store, after that 15% in all vendors of Happy Feet store.

You really should try it =), here is the taxi:

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